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New Patterns just added! 12-4-02

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Here's the scoop from the Alley Cats.
3 new patterns are makin' their way to your favorite quilt shops right now!

#297 Holy Moly Look At Those Cats! (this pattern has 3 different sized cat dolls & a small quilt to match.

#298 Country Cottage Chickens (12 Very colorful chunky chickens that kinda look like they're sittin' on plates!)
and last, but not least another chicken patterns for all the chicken lovin' folks out there.

#299 The Chicken Patch (This quilt is full of your two fav-O-RITE things, chickens & 9 patch blocks.)
Welp, I have to get back to that sewin' machine, I have a few more quilts to stitch up.
I hope you have a nice sunny weekend!
Please feel free to call, or write to me anytime. I LOVE hearin' from ya!
^,,^ Hugs!

Please call or drop by your local quilt shop & ask if they have our latest patterns.
They're available at your local quilt shops now. If you'd like a brochure
just call, or send your address so I can mail one to ya.

New to Alley Cat Tales - Pewter Jewelry!

Finished Models Now Available

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For International Wholesale orders you can order   from me or Checkers Distributors
at 419-893-3636, ext. 628, contact Renee Rowe or

For International Retail orders you can order from me at

We hope ya can Paws for a moment to checkout our patterns! If ya see somethin' ya just have to have, then please send us an email and we'll get back with ya. In the meantime, we'll just be cattin' around. Happy Huntin'!

Coming Soon! 
Alley Cat Gift Baskets! They make a great gift for birthdays or any occasion for all your family and friends that love cats!!! The baskets will include things that aren't even on patterns! They include homemade gifts and other fun cat surprises! Also coming soon, painted cats in frames!! So Check Back Soon!!

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